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This is what better non-tracking asphalt tack coat looks like

Better is tack made of strain-tolerant, non-brittle paving-grade asphalt.
Better is keeping tack off tires and on the road where it belongs.
Better is non-tracking tack that dries quicker for 75% faster traffic return.

ArrMuls® Tack Technology
Chemistry for Non-Tracking Tack

ArrMuls Tack Technology is specially formulated to prevent tack coat from being tracked away with 75% faster traffic return, improved pavement layer bonding, and longer-lasting roads.

ArrMuls Tack Technology is an easy-to-implement chemistry kit that enables emulsion producers to make anionic non-tracking tack coat using paving-grade asphalt. The kit consists of only two interdependent components – ArrMuls Tack Part A and Tack Part B.

Asphalt tack coat made with ArrMuls chemistry can be formulated to meet typical specifications including AASHTO M-140 and ASTM D-977 for slow-setting (SS-1h) emulsion.

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Improved Efficiency

  • Pave quicker with less wait time for tack to dry (tack dries within 15 minutes instead of the typical 60 minutes) for 75% faster traffic return
  • Unlike hard pen asphalt tack, uses readily available paving-grade asphalt
  • Easy to produce with longer storage shelf life in contractors’ trailers and tanks
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Smarter Paving

  • Increase pavement strength by keeping tack where it belongs
  • Paving-grade asphalt provides plenty of bond strength with strain tolerance, improving resistance to cracking and slippage versus hard pen asphalt tack
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Money Savings

  • Reduce contractor downtime waiting for tack to dry
  • Eliminate costs to replace traffic paint and remove tracked tack
  • Eradicate financial and safety liability of reduced friction roads caused by tracked tack, keeping drivers safe


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ArrMaz is a global leader in the production of specialty chemicals for the asphalt, mining, fertilizer, phosphate, and oil and gas industries worldwide. Since 1967, ArrMaz has manufactured chemical process aids and additives formulated to optimize process performance and product quality.

Road Science, a division of ArrMaz, is a technology leader in the supply of asphalt emulsifiers and additives to the North American asphalt paving market. Much more than “off-the-shelf” products, our complete system solutions include technical services such as job support, mix design, formulation, crew training and specification development to meet the unique needs of the asphalt paving industry.

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